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How To Have An Awesome Holiday Wedding

If you want to have your wedding on a holiday weekend, there are several things to consider. Check out this article from Offbeat Bride with some great tips. Our favorite? Give as much notice as possible. Read on to see other 7 tips.

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Provide Heat Relief for Summer Weddings

Summer Weddings are the best! However, there are some do's and don'ts to really consider. This great article from Wedding Bee highlights some great ones. Our fave? Provide Heat Relief... Read on for a few other great tips!

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Don't Spend Your Day Glued to Social

Now-a-days, it's kind of hard imagining a day being unplugged. But when it comes to your wedding day, you really want to take it all in. Check out this great article from with 8 great do's and don'ts about social media.

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